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Shadi Mashkok, Director of Business Development (MENA) at Grand Capital

In early November, the Grand Capital delegation took part in Smart Vision Investment Expo 2022. It is an event in Egypt that was held in two cities, Alexandria (3rd of November) and Cairo (5-6th of November). Our representative, Director of Business Development (MENA), and a media influencer Shadi Mashkok delivered a speech many times at the conference.  


What has Mr Mashkok shared with the audience? 

Shadi has prepared a meaningful speech on trading and his experience with it. He advised the dos and don’ts of any trader. As Shadi says, his goal was to show “what a path traders go through when they learn from their own mistakes, when they take into consideration mistakes and experience of more advanced traders”. 

And Shadi is sure the experienced one. We shared his story in one of our materials available on the company blog

Mr Mashkok also elaborated on what to do next, after educating oneself in trading. He has revealed the many ways traders can multiply their profits with GC Invest and GC Affiliate services in Grand Capital. GC Invest allows traders to raise remunerations with rewards from investors. GC Affiliate invites you to partner with an international broker. 

Shadi proved to the audience why it is profitable to use both services: traders can make up to 70% of investors' earnings in GC Invest and up to 50% of a broker’s income in the GC Affiliate program. 

Mr Mashkok on a panel discussion, Nov 5 2022.


What was the impression? 

After each speech, many people would come to him. “Many interested, many productive, many great people”, he said. 

In the official video, we find Shadi in the middle of a discussion (0:41). What brought these people to him? Our affiliate program. 

“The people who addressed me know what they want and are looking for. No surprise that they have found the best conditions for their business in Grand Capital”, he continued. 

Mr Mashkok: "The people that addressed me know what they want and what they are looking for."

We thank Smart Vision Investment Expo 2022 and its media team for the videos and photos. It was a great honour to be a part of such an event and get in touch with our present and wannabe affiliates.  

Author: GC
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