Have you already verified your account in the Private office?



If there’s still something in your way to verify your account, read the instruction on how to do it simple and easy:

Step 1: take pictures and scan your documents

1. Collect all necessary documents (see the list below).

2. Take a picture of or scan the docs: each one has to be centered and take no more than 80% of a shot. All edges must be in the picture, and the details must be identifiable.

3. Upload the pictures separately in the Private office. Before uploading, select a document name from the list and fill in the required fields.

4. Press “Upload document” and repeat the procedure with the rest of the documents.

5. Wait for confirmation during the day. Check your email box.

You take a good picture of a document when:

  • all its edges are visible in a photo,
  • it takes less than 80% of a shot,
  • it is centered,
  • all details are identifiable and readable.

Step 2: upload the docs to the Private office

Remember to upload the required documents one by one.

Before uploading, ensure you’ve selected the correct document name from the list and filled in the fields below (if needed). For instance, you type in your full name and a document’s number when uploading a driver's license. When uploading a passport or ID, you need additionally to write out your birthday, issue date, and issuing country.

! Fill in all required fields carefully! They must coincide with the information in a document.

Press “Upload document.” Repeat the procedure with the rest of the documents.

Make a notice!

Upload your documents only in the Private office, section “Settings” (button on the right).

If you send it to the support chat or by email, the documents don’t reach the specialists from the security department. That way, they can’t verify your account per occasion.

Protect your data and use only the form in the Private office designated for profile verification.

Step 3: send out and wait for confirmation

Our security specialists scrutinize each document within 24 hours. As a rule of thumb, it takes no more than a few hours.

The personal manager will contact you if any additional documents or information are needed. Stay in touch!

As soon as your account is verified, you’ll get an email. Check the email box!

Congratulations! You’ve confirmed the account! Write your questions in the comments or the online chat on our website. We’ll answer you!

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